10 Ways to Look Beautiful As a Teenage Girl

Appearances are a very big component of what a teenaged girl will want to be good in, it’s not really too difficult to pull off with some spare time and a good amount of effort, it’s much more than simply applying large amounts of makeup or going for a pedicure or a manicure or putting on some new clothes. You have to make sure to improve yourself and your overall aesthetics, putting lipstick on a pig is worse than just leaving it be. Make sure you aren’t that pig BTW.

Wash your face at least 2 times a day with lukewarm water

To make sure that the skin remains hydrated and well taught, the application of a decent amount of lukewarm water at least twice each day can help you. Make sure to purchase a good facial cleanser (other than just soap which tends to be too alkaline for usage on your skin) and use it at least once a day to remove any excess residual oils on your skin.


  • Don’t use overly hot water, as it can dry out your skin
  • Focus on the areas around the nose as it tends to get oily quicker around there
  • Remove your makeup before going to bed as it can lead to bad skin health

Follow up with Moisturizer and toner

Toner can help your pores seal and prevent clog gage, moisturizer will help your skin heal after a long day of drying out. Having healthy and hydrated skin is a good thing in this day and age and will definitely help

Eat Healthy

We get it! Junk food is delicious, however it is NOT good for your skin, especially foods with a large amount of sugar or fats, cut down on consumption of those foods.…

A Lazy Man’s Guide: How To Organise Your Home

Cleaning the house and the word “men” doesn’t goes hand in hand, men, in general, feel very lazy to organize the house. Some of them can happily stay messy, they will love to go out with his friends for beer than to organize the house. But a day comes in every man’s life when he needs to do decluttering. Here we present you with some simple tips that will help you in organizing.

  • The hardest part of organizing a messy house is to find the start point. Remove those things from the shelves whose only purpose is to collect dust, keep remaining thing back to the shelf. Organizing the house does not mean to throw away the things on the contrary if you keep the things tidy and clean it will give the house same effect.
  • No one is expecting you to devote your full weekend or spend one hour time on cleaning and organizing the house but you can do it in intervals you can spend 10-20 minutes in doing so. In that interval of the time trying to do the things neatly.
  • Gadgets and wires are common things in bachelor men’s house, try to keep them together and in one part of the room, there are plenty of storing units available in the market which you can purchase to store them.
  • Papers play a big role in making the house messy bills, emails, and a lot more things may pie up before you notice. Follow the simple filling rules, keep the important documents together and throw those which you don’t need anymore.
  • Keep away the unnecessary furniture’s and possessions from your house. Keep the things simple and systematic this will also help you to find the things as and when needed. Razor subscription will give you more insight into this.