How to Make and Install DIY Hurricane Shutters – A Complete Guide

If you are residing in a hurricane prone area, make sure you have installed the tough window shutters to minimize the loss causing to your home interiors.

Types of shutters

There are a variety of shades and material for shutter construction ranging from the expensive motorized iron bars type to the solid aluminum or steel sheet types. However, for a cost-effective DIY model, you can readily opt for the durable plywood stuff that is just effective for your need.

Setting up the shutter

This is such an easy project that you could complete within a day. Simply follow the given instructions.

  • The primary step involves taking the correct measurement for the shutter material required. This can be done by determining your window size and make sure you leave an overlapping space of four inches on all sides to manufacture a needy wooden frame.
  • Further, you the essential tools and fitting items for structuring the shutter. This includes
  1. The plywood panel sheet for the respective windows
  2. Appropriate wooden or iron screws, nuts and bolts along with the drill drivers.
  3. The lighting system that is required during evening time. The answers about ratcheting set prove this to be a good lighting source.
  4. The measurement tape and so on.
  • Installing strategy
  1. Place the frame on the exterior of the window. Locate a stud on all the four corners of the frame.
  2. With the help of stud finder, tighten up the frame from the inside of your home.
  3. Moreover, to give the final stability, just drive in plenty of screws to the studs to tighten it up from all the sides.

In case you are installing this on a concrete wall, make sure you use the nuts and bolts for stabilizing the shutter frame. Thus, no more fear if the cyclone throws at them.…

What Your House Décor Says About Your Personality

Read on to know what your house décor says about your personality:

The way of organizing:  Way you keep the things shows your inner peace of mind. If you maintain a clean home by keeping things in a well-arranged manner, it shows you have clarity in thinking and calmness even during calamity.  Neatly arranged counters and stacks are pleasing to view.

Wealth boasters:  House full of artifacts serve as an evidence of your wealth-exhibiting attitude. A house filled with unique designer décor or paintings shows your taste for wealth.

Minimum décor:  A house with minimum décor reflects your choice for simple living.  It shows your liking small things which facilitate low-cost living.  Minimum décor is an evidence to the fact like cost saving ideas like promo code make u happier than those rich artifacts and high-end furniture.

Indoor plants:  Indoor plants shows your love for greenery.  You tend to be environment-friendly and use eco-friendly ways of living.

More of seating:  If house décor is in such a way to encourage more of seating it shows your love for entertainment.  You desire to spend much time with family and friends.  Instead of many joyful activities like shopping, you prefer to have a cup of tea with your loved ones.

Painting:  Color of paints used in the house shows your personality.  More of white color shows your love for cleanliness and peace.  More of green shows your cool mindset.

Modern furniture:  Modern furniture shows that you are the ultra-modern type.

Traditional style:  Traditional decors like Victorian window screens and chandeliers show the traditional mindset.  It reflects on the traditional values which are close to your heart.

Using the above tips set up your house décor so that visitors respect your feelings and admire your values.…

The Best Home Remodeling & Renovation Ideas

To remodel your home or to renovate your house you do not need to spend a lot of money. All that it takes is some ideas as on adjustableclamp to be smart and know where to put your money to renovate your home and give it a new look without it costing you a bomb.

Start from the beginning

To make some major changes it is good to just demolish everything and then recreate the whole thing. Some major renovations will cost you more than just breaking it down.

Do you need to expand?

Expanding your rooms may not really pay off well. So make sure that you understand this and not be lured by adds about spacious rooms. You could instead just widen some of the space by using simpler strategies.

Do not opt for traditional

Their are many ideas when you look for home improvements but being contemporary is the best bet. This is because contemporary is classy and can be done cheap. The look and the color schemes are very straightforward. This does not cost you as much as going for a traditional look for your home.

Recycling and saving

The background is not as crucial as are the visuals so save some money by choosing the fixtures or building materials that are very slightly used. You could also sell things that you may not need and use the money towards the home remodeling.


The builders and other professionals do the task that most cases can be done by you. Make use of the internet, shop for the stuff yourself and get the products that are required to model your home.


The lighting makes a lot of difference so choose the smart ones. Put some lively fixtures and this could make a huge difference to your home.


Making the choices could be tough to sit down and jot down the ideas about how you would want to remodel your home. Plana budget and start the purchases.