10 Tricks To Save Money On Food But Still Eat Well

Try out these tips from ClimateCounts that lets you save money without compromising on eating well.

Do not indulge in impulsive buys

Focus on what you have to buy when you go to the grocery store and do not buy what you do not need. Make a list and stick to it.

Do not deviate

When you go to the grocery store to buy fruits stick then just only go to that section. Especially stay away from the section that stores junk and confectionaries

Frozen food

You could buy some frozen food when there is a sale and then stock them up in your fridge.

Take packed lunch

Do not get swayed by the junk sold near your office space or the fast food joints that are rich in calories. Take along some packed lunches with you which will let you eat tasty food and also saves you money.

Understand what parts you can use

It is a general habit to throw off many parts of the fruits and vegetables that we consume. Did you know that we can actually eat the peels and the leaves of many fruits and vegetables?

Restaurant eating made cheaper

Once a while treat yourself the restaurant. Share your meal with someone that will also let you save and avoid food wastage.

Purchase through apps

Look around for new apps for grocery purchases. These do give you lucrative discounts which let you save money on your purchases.

Set a budget

Plan your budget in advance and stick to your budget. This will let you save on buying unwanted stuff and buy what you need.

Do not buy branded

Try out the non-branded stuff that is equally tasty and also saves on money.

Buy during sales

Try to hit the grocery store when there is a sale.

Use coupons

Use the coupon codes that let you save on grocery shopping.…

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Loan Application

Personal loans are quite helpful when you need money to meet urgent requirements or if you plan to pay off various debts. One can get personal loans easily if you follow certain rules and regulations. There are many institutions that offer these types of loan in the market and you need to choose wisely. Go through http://www.nettivipit.fi/vippi-lasku-sahkopostiin/ to know more about personal loan options. Below mentioned are few guidelines one should follow while applying for a loan for the first time.

Ensure that the personal loan offers the best deal- People take personal loans to meet different requirements. Before you apply for the loan you need to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the loan. For instance, are you taking the loan for home improvement or for purchasing a new home? If buying a new home is the reason then you should check out home equity loans as they will give better deals and if its home improvement you can go ahead with the personal loan.

Pick the right lender- The personal loans are offered by the credit unions, online lenders and banks. Each of them would be offering different rates of interest. That’s the reason you should look around and pick a lender who offers you the loan which fits your requirements.

Go through the fine print thoroughly- You need to ask for the full disclosure of terms and conditions and go through the fine print thoroughly. There are various points one should agree with the lender before taking the loan like the fees for late payments, the penalty for prepayment, etc.

Don’t apply for an amount that you can’t afford- Before you apply for the personal loan, you need to assess the financial situation and decide on a value which you could comfortably take. Some lenders would push you to take a higher amount and don’t fall into that trap.…

Top Tips for Raising Happy and Healthy Vegan Children

Does bringing up Vegan children feel like you are swimming helplessly against the tide?


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or overreact when parents of Omni-children tell you that you are doing it differently not necessarily wrong. Give them some discounting. Not everyone is out to criticize or get at you. Some of them are genuinely interested in your child and are thinking aloud. It is best that you are firm at the same time that you are nice to them. It will go a long way in establishing your credentials.

You only have to be persistent!

You can, for instance, tell the parents that you have worked out the nutrition chart from an expert and that you are providing the children with all the vital nutrients that they will need for growth and activities.

It may not convince all of them but you need to keep trying.

Bringing up vegan children does not mean that they are eating dry foods all the time!

There are perhaps hundreds, why thousands of dishes that can be made one hundred percent vegan if you use your creativity and imagination. There are mommy groups on Facebook and WhatsApp that provide support and I remember hitting more than ten Youtube channels providing easy recipes for vegan parents and children!

I wanted to bring the point of being vegan very early in life and I had to distract them till they developed the palette for it. I would buy super interesting toys from StarWalkKids and let them play with them till they finished eating their food. The games were so interesting that they would hardly bother about the taste of the food. I almost felt like a big battle won.

Birthday and anniversary dilemma?

Don’t have!

Take heart in the fact that there are millions of you out there. Ask the host if your children could carry their own cupcake or if you could help her make cakes for the vegan kids. She’d not just be delighted with the help but appreciate that you volunteered, believes me!

How to Furnish Your First Home on a Shoestring – A Complete Guide

Furnishing your house to make it a home that carries your personal touch, your signature, can be very exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges we face when furnishing a house is the budget.

You have just bought the house or have invested a substantial amount for rent, etc and then comes the furnishing part. It can be quite daunting to furnish the place without having to compromise on your style or comfort.

For ideas on furnishing a house, one can visit theolive. If you are worried about furnishing the house on a strict budget, here are some tips and tricks to bail you out:


Sit and decide the overall budget with your partner or other members involved in the furnishing process. This will help you get a rough idea as to how much you may have to spend on decorating and furnishing. When you discuss with others, you may discover areas that need attention but have been missed by you.


Next start searching for places that sell items you are looking for. the key here is to first visit and find out which store has what and the general price range. Ask around, never hesitate to ask for a place that sells things at a lower cost. Browse online, check online forums, etc and find different places that can provide you with what you are looking for.


Never hesitate to ask for a discount. These stores generally have a big margin and make a show of marking down the price for a loyal customer. Just because you are buying only one piece of furniture and not everything from one place, does not mean you can’t expect a discount. Ask for the best price and negotiate as much as you feel is necessary or possible.

These three main steps will help you reduce the cost of furnishings without having to give up or compromise on your dream of furnishing that beautiful house of yours.…

How to Improve your Home with a Paint Sprayer

If you thought that your paint sprayer can be used only when you have to paint the walls, think again. Of course, you can paint your walls with them but there are so many other places where you can use these versatile tools. And all of these uses can add value to your home and make it look like you had spent a fortune on decorating your house, where all you had to spend was on your paint sprayer and paint. Painting the walls can maintain the home value. And you can find several chemical free, easy maintenance paints which are safe to maintain clean indoor air.

Stain your woodwork

When you have a large area to stain then using the sprayer would be the smartest and the quickest way to do it. You would be able to achieve better coverage and also maintain a uniformity in the stain application process. This is suitable for fences, patios and even for your cabinet doors or wooden staircases.

Accent your walls

You can add stencils or even color block your walls when you use a mix of patterns and the right combination of paints. All of these can be used to create an accent wall that can be the center of attraction and an icebreaker in your parties. To do this all you need is your paint sprayer and you can easily obtain a professional finish.

Give your old furniture a new life

If you have an old dresser from your child’s nursery or a table that has worn off beyond recognition, then a little paint can give it a new life and make it look better than a new piece of furniture.

If you do not already own a paint sprayer you can find the reviews about the best ones on paintsprayerzone.

How to Make and Install DIY Hurricane Shutters – A Complete Guide

If you are residing in a hurricane prone area, make sure you have installed the tough window shutters to minimize the loss causing to your home interiors.

Types of shutters

There are a variety of shades and material for shutter construction ranging from the expensive motorized iron bars type to the solid aluminum or steel sheet types. However, for a cost-effective DIY model, you can readily opt for the durable plywood stuff that is just effective for your need.

Setting up the shutter

This is such an easy project that you could complete within a day. Simply follow the given instructions.

  • The primary step involves taking the correct measurement for the shutter material required. This can be done by determining your window size and make sure you leave an overlapping space of four inches on all sides to manufacture a needy wooden frame.
  • Further, you the essential tools and fitting items for structuring the shutter. This includes
  1. The plywood panel sheet for the respective windows
  2. Appropriate wooden or iron screws, nuts and bolts along with the drill drivers.
  3. The lighting system that is required during evening time. The answers about ratcheting set prove this to be a good lighting source.
  4. The measurement tape and so on.
  • Installing strategy
  1. Place the frame on the exterior of the window. Locate a stud on all the four corners of the frame.
  2. With the help of stud finder, tighten up the frame from the inside of your home.
  3. Moreover, to give the final stability, just drive in plenty of screws to the studs to tighten it up from all the sides.

In case you are installing this on a concrete wall, make sure you use the nuts and bolts for stabilizing the shutter frame. Thus, no more fear if the cyclone throws at them.…

What Your House Décor Says About Your Personality

Read on to know what your house décor says about your personality:

The way of organizing:  Way you keep the things shows your inner peace of mind. If you maintain a clean home by keeping things in a well-arranged manner, it shows you have clarity in thinking and calmness even during calamity.  Neatly arranged counters and stacks are pleasing to view.

Wealth boasters:  House full of artifacts serve as an evidence of your wealth-exhibiting attitude. A house filled with unique designer décor or paintings shows your taste for wealth.

Minimum décor:  A house with minimum décor reflects your choice for simple living.  It shows your liking small things which facilitate low-cost living.  Minimum décor is an evidence to the fact like cost saving ideas like promo code make u happier than those rich artifacts and high-end furniture.

Indoor plants:  Indoor plants shows your love for greenery.  You tend to be environment-friendly and use eco-friendly ways of living.

More of seating:  If house décor is in such a way to encourage more of seating it shows your love for entertainment.  You desire to spend much time with family and friends.  Instead of many joyful activities like shopping, you prefer to have a cup of tea with your loved ones.

Painting:  Color of paints used in the house shows your personality.  More of white color shows your love for cleanliness and peace.  More of green shows your cool mindset.

Modern furniture:  Modern furniture shows that you are the ultra-modern type.

Traditional style:  Traditional decors like Victorian window screens and chandeliers show the traditional mindset.  It reflects on the traditional values which are close to your heart.

Using the above tips set up your house décor so that visitors respect your feelings and admire your values.…

The Best Home Remodeling & Renovation Ideas

To remodel your home or to renovate your house you do not need to spend a lot of money. All that it takes is some ideas as on adjustableclamp to be smart and know where to put your money to renovate your home and give it a new look without it costing you a bomb.

Start from the beginning

To make some major changes it is good to just demolish everything and then recreate the whole thing. Some major renovations will cost you more than just breaking it down.

Do you need to expand?

Expanding your rooms may not really pay off well. So make sure that you understand this and not be lured by adds about spacious rooms. You could instead just widen some of the space by using simpler strategies.

Do not opt for traditional

Their are many ideas when you look for home improvements but being contemporary is the best bet. This is because contemporary is classy and can be done cheap. The look and the color schemes are very straightforward. This does not cost you as much as going for a traditional look for your home.

Recycling and saving

The background is not as crucial as are the visuals so save some money by choosing the fixtures or building materials that are very slightly used. You could also sell things that you may not need and use the money towards the home remodeling.


The builders and other professionals do the task that most cases can be done by you. Make use of the internet, shop for the stuff yourself and get the products that are required to model your home.


The lighting makes a lot of difference so choose the smart ones. Put some lively fixtures and this could make a huge difference to your home.


Making the choices could be tough to sit down and jot down the ideas about how you would want to remodel your home. Plana budget and start the purchases.