How To Clean Britax Car Seat?

Car seats get dirty fast if you have children traveling along with you too often in the car. Children tend to spill food, juices and other eatables which stubbornly settle on the surface of your car seats. Over the time, the dirt gets accumulated and it might hinder the performance of the seat. Therefore, it is recommended that the car seat cover and the buckles have to be cleaned periodically to keep them intact. Britax recommends the following cleaning suggestions for their car seats and for cleaning car seats from other manufacturers, you may refer the guide that comes with the seat. Go through this comparison in to learn the features of Britax car seats.

 To clean the cover:

Remove the car seat cover by following the instructions in the user guide and hand wash it using cold water and gentle detergent. Machine washing or bleaching is not recommended. To avoid shrinking of the cover, dry it flat or line dry. Do not put it in the machine dryer or iron the cover. Replace as per instructions.

To clean the buckle:

Remove the buckle from the seat by following the user guide instructions. Do not wash the buckle with detergent or soak it in water. Just rinse through the warm running water. When you fasten and unfasten the buckle tongues you should be hearing to a click sound. If you do not hear any clicks you will have to repeat the cleaning process. If the seat manufacturing dates back to February 2008, only one of the buckle tongues would click when fastening. Remove the wetness using a towel and reattach the buckle to the car seat.

Britax offers replacements like buckles, cover sets, harnesses and other parts if they are highly dirty. Britax also provides accessories to reduce further clean ups. Britax provides seat saver waterproof liner which prevents dirt reaching the car seat. Likewise, the Britax vehicle seat protector protects your car seat form spillage and debris through raised ridges that run on all sides. It also has a front seat guard that prevents dirt from muddy shoes.