The Best Practical Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in a Summer Heatwave

Summer season not only brings heat but it also causes many health-related issues like dehydration, increased sweating, and heat boils and burns etc.  In order to avoid the health problems and to stay cool during the summer, you not put some little effort to spend this entire season in a better way.

Depending upon the seasons it is necessary to take effective measures to protect yourself and your family members from the seasonal side-effects so that you can avoid unnecessary medical expenses.  It is necessary to take the effective measures especially during summer and if you want to stay cool log on to to find the best air conditioner.

The following are the ways to keep your home cool in a summer heat wave;

  • During the summer season, try to stay at home if possible and never go out under the hot sun especially when there is an increased temperature that is in the afternoon. Either you go early when there is an initial and normal temperature or go when the sun sets up.  Either of the way you can go out either in the morning or in the evening
  • When it is an unavoidable situation to go out of the home or you need to go for a job, try to apply sunscreen lotion on your skin and face so that it helps your skin to retain your skin color.
  • Also, to protect your eyes, use coolers so that it makes your eyes comfortable and cool
  • Always drink plenty of water since it is the summertime, over body sweats a lot and to make our body dehydrated, drink enough water.
  • Wear comfortable clothes like cotton clothes, and thinner wear which absorbs water easily. This will make you comfortable and stay cool.
  • Keep your feet also cool and wash it regularly so that you make it clean and cool it on a routine basis.
  • Drink enough fruit juices and vegetables which are available at the particular summer season.
  • If possible, make your room temperature below the normal temperature with the help of an air conditioner, so that you can stay cool inside your room or in the office.

10 Tricks To Save Money On Food But Still Eat Well

Try out these tips from ClimateCounts that lets you save money without compromising on eating well.

Do not indulge in impulsive buys

Focus on what you have to buy when you go to the grocery store and do not buy what you do not need. Make a list and stick to it.

Do not deviate

When you go to the grocery store to buy fruits stick then just only go to that section. Especially stay away from the section that stores junk and confectionaries

Frozen food

You could buy some frozen food when there is a sale and then stock them up in your fridge.

Take packed lunch

Do not get swayed by the junk sold near your office space or the fast food joints that are rich in calories. Take along some packed lunches with you which will let you eat tasty food and also saves you money.

Understand what parts you can use

It is a general habit to throw off many parts of the fruits and vegetables that we consume. Did you know that we can actually eat the peels and the leaves of many fruits and vegetables?

Restaurant eating made cheaper

Once a while treat yourself the restaurant. Share your meal with someone that will also let you save and avoid food wastage.

Purchase through apps

Look around for new apps for grocery purchases. These do give you lucrative discounts which let you save money on your purchases.

Set a budget

Plan your budget in advance and stick to your budget. This will let you save on buying unwanted stuff and buy what you need.

Do not buy branded

Try out the non-branded stuff that is equally tasty and also saves on money.

Buy during sales

Try to hit the grocery store when there is a sale.

Use coupons

Use the coupon codes that let you save on grocery shopping.…

How to Improve your Home with a Paint Sprayer

If you thought that your paint sprayer can be used only when you have to paint the walls, think again. Of course, you can paint your walls with them but there are so many other places where you can use these versatile tools. And all of these uses can add value to your home and make it look like you had spent a fortune on decorating your house, where all you had to spend was on your paint sprayer and paint. Painting the walls can maintain the home value. And you can find several chemical free, easy maintenance paints which are safe to maintain clean indoor air.

Stain your woodwork

When you have a large area to stain then using the sprayer would be the smartest and the quickest way to do it. You would be able to achieve better coverage and also maintain a uniformity in the stain application process. This is suitable for fences, patios and even for your cabinet doors or wooden staircases.

Accent your walls

You can add stencils or even color block your walls when you use a mix of patterns and the right combination of paints. All of these can be used to create an accent wall that can be the center of attraction and an icebreaker in your parties. To do this all you need is your paint sprayer and you can easily obtain a professional finish.

Give your old furniture a new life

If you have an old dresser from your child’s nursery or a table that has worn off beyond recognition, then a little paint can give it a new life and make it look better than a new piece of furniture.

If you do not already own a paint sprayer you can find the reviews about the best ones on paintsprayerzone.

How to Make and Install DIY Hurricane Shutters – A Complete Guide

If you are residing in a hurricane prone area, make sure you have installed the tough window shutters to minimize the loss causing to your home interiors.

Types of shutters

There are a variety of shades and material for shutter construction ranging from the expensive motorized iron bars type to the solid aluminum or steel sheet types. However, for a cost-effective DIY model, you can readily opt for the durable plywood stuff that is just effective for your need.

Setting up the shutter

This is such an easy project that you could complete within a day. Simply follow the given instructions.

  • The primary step involves taking the correct measurement for the shutter material required. This can be done by determining your window size and make sure you leave an overlapping space of four inches on all sides to manufacture a needy wooden frame.
  • Further, you the essential tools and fitting items for structuring the shutter. This includes
  1. The plywood panel sheet for the respective windows
  2. Appropriate wooden or iron screws, nuts and bolts along with the drill drivers.
  3. The lighting system that is required during evening time. The answers about ratcheting set prove this to be a good lighting source.
  4. The measurement tape and so on.
  • Installing strategy
  1. Place the frame on the exterior of the window. Locate a stud on all the four corners of the frame.
  2. With the help of stud finder, tighten up the frame from the inside of your home.
  3. Moreover, to give the final stability, just drive in plenty of screws to the studs to tighten it up from all the sides.

In case you are installing this on a concrete wall, make sure you use the nuts and bolts for stabilizing the shutter frame. Thus, no more fear if the cyclone throws at them.…

What Your House Décor Says About Your Personality

Read on to know what your house décor says about your personality:

The way of organizing:  Way you keep the things shows your inner peace of mind. If you maintain a clean home by keeping things in a well-arranged manner, it shows you have clarity in thinking and calmness even during calamity.  Neatly arranged counters and stacks are pleasing to view.

Wealth boasters:  House full of artifacts serve as an evidence of your wealth-exhibiting attitude. A house filled with unique designer décor or paintings shows your taste for wealth.

Minimum décor:  A house with minimum décor reflects your choice for simple living.  It shows your liking small things which facilitate low-cost living.  Minimum décor is an evidence to the fact like cost saving ideas like promo code make u happier than those rich artifacts and high-end furniture.

Indoor plants:  Indoor plants shows your love for greenery.  You tend to be environment-friendly and use eco-friendly ways of living.

More of seating:  If house décor is in such a way to encourage more of seating it shows your love for entertainment.  You desire to spend much time with family and friends.  Instead of many joyful activities like shopping, you prefer to have a cup of tea with your loved ones.

Painting:  Color of paints used in the house shows your personality.  More of white color shows your love for cleanliness and peace.  More of green shows your cool mindset.

Modern furniture:  Modern furniture shows that you are the ultra-modern type.

Traditional style:  Traditional decors like Victorian window screens and chandeliers show the traditional mindset.  It reflects on the traditional values which are close to your heart.

Using the above tips set up your house décor so that visitors respect your feelings and admire your values.…

Ways To Remove Condensation On Your Windows

Have you noticed the fine foggy layer on your windows when the weather gets too cold or when it rains? This is due to condensation on your windows. Though it does not harm in you in any way, it can be a cause of concern. This is because it obstructs your view and you are unable to see outside. While drawing cute little figures and designs on these windows can be a great source of whiling away your time when you are stuck indoors, it can start bothering you very soon.

Why Does This Happen?

No matter how well your house is insulated, whether it is an old house or a new one with the latest technology in place, high level of humidity in the air can make your windows sweat on the inside.

The very first step to handle this issue is to get yourself a hygrometer. This will help you gauge and monitor the humidity level in your home. When it gets cold, the obvious thing to do is to run your fireplace. Check the meter when your fireplace is running to see if the heat generated is causing the humidity to go up.

Also, if it is a brand new house, chances of your building drying out in stages is high. It takes roughly 18 months for new concrete and wood to dry out completely. While nothing can be done in this situation, you can air out your house and reduce the humidity build up on the inside.

If it is an old house, a solution would be to get your windows double glazed. If you are looking for double glazed windows in Edinburgh, there are plenty of options available. Choose one that fits your budget and solves your problem efficiently.