Fun Activities to Maintain an Active Mind at Home

Have you ever opened the refrigerator but forget what it was you wanted or you eagerly called a friend only to realize that you do not remember what it was you wanted to say. Don’t worry you are not alone; with age, the mind does get slow but it’s in your hand to keep it active. By preventing cognitive decline and keeping the brain engaged you can prevent dementia and problems related to memory loss.

How I keep my mind active

  1. Staying physically active is the first step; improving blood circulation will do wonders for the brain. Go for regular walks, or join yoga or tai chi classes. In fact, start dancing; it has been found that dance is one of the most effective methods of keeping not only the brain but also the joints in great shape.
  2. There are a plethora of mental agility games on the internet; either you can play those online or download the apps into your phones and play them.
  3. I use adult coloring books and find them immensely satisfying and enjoyable besides keeping my brain fully engaged. Coloring requires focus, concentration, and
  4. Word searches are another great form of exercise for the brain; the brain must be engaged fully to search the word as it processes the spelling each time you search for it. You can make it fun and interesting by setting a time limit to complete one set.
  5. Interaction with children and pets is a wonderful method to engage the brain; kids and pets have boundless energy that is positive and contagious and in order to keep pace your brain will push itself to keep in shape.

The neural pathways in your brain need constant stimulation to stay active and alert. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and keeping your brain engaged at all times you can remain healthy and happy.…