How to start losing weight today

Weight loss can be a tricky thing to pull off, having to restrict your calorie intake and refuse to eat junk food all day long is not an easy task if you’ve been doing it for so long, losing weight is not only a hard thing to pull off but it requires a lot of consistency, simply eating less for a week won’t do much, you have to sustain lower calorie and lower insulin counts for months on end, hence why many people end up eating too much in the long run because they require cheat days to prevent more larger relapses into weight gaining territory.

This leads to an unfortunate conundrum where people eat just enough to sustain weight and not enough to lose weight or gain muscle. Many people don’t realize how damaging “one cheat day a week” can actually be, simply look at this, if you decide to eat 1500 calories for 6 days and you have “one cheat day” where you eat 3000 calories, your weekly caloric intake average is about the same amount needed to maintain weight, AKA 2000 calories, this leads to the frustrating phenomenon where people “plateau” and fail to lose weight.

Starving yourself isn’t a solution either, because your body starts to break down muscle and fat, which leads to weight loss but not in a good way. The best solution is simply to limit carbs, carbs cause a large insulin response which leads to fat storage, the only way for you to go on a diet without having to limit carbs is to meticulously calorie count, which is not only annoying but it also risks you forgetting some things such as oil (which can easily evade you) in your count, try some supplements from MOVOMOVO.COM as well as increase your exercise.…