Five Great Reasons to Cook with Your Kids

The holiday season arrives and vacation times are the best for kids running all around the house, playing dirty mats and yes! Loads of goodies to eat, the kids are hungry all the time, the more they play they feel refreshed after a good snack. It is a great way to bring together the kids to cook up a storm in the kitchen; those kids who have a huge tiff with the veggies can slowly be introduced to the vegetables and fruits, while mixing up a salad, with their yummy dressing.

Engaging kids into the kitchen is the best way for them to experience, check out  for the latest quick recipe to see and feel the veggies and fruits that they are told healthy. They understand the peeling and chopping of veggies and struggle to come up with a yummy dish of their choice.

Reasons to Cook with the Kids

  • though invading your space in the home is a little overwhelming, but with the kids around, cheering and laughing to make the yummiest cupcakes, is a de-stressor
  • the math is all along, cooking is all about common sense, the measurements, the quantity all matters, kids become aware of the counting, math and it amazingly improves their analytical skills,
  • tasting and smelling the food increases the kid’s appetite and helps them in developing the other sensory parts of their brain, though for hesitant eater this could be a bizarre adventure, end of the day, make them happy with a dollop of ice creams and cakes
  • cooking together is the best way to bring the family together, the mincing, chopping, grating all are a small task, but they complete the entire meal making the session, make it part of your family culture to cook together on any day of the week, month,
  • Ask for inputs form kids, as they are ready to burst out with new ideas they see from their friend’s lunch boxes.