How to Furnish Your First Home on a Shoestring – A Complete Guide

Furnishing your house to make it a home that carries your personal touch, your signature, can be very exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges we face when furnishing a house is the budget.

You have just bought the house or have invested a substantial amount for rent, etc and then comes the furnishing part. It can be quite daunting to furnish the place without having to compromise on your style or comfort.

For ideas on furnishing a house, one can visit theolive. If you are worried about furnishing the house on a strict budget, here are some tips and tricks to bail you out:


Sit and decide the overall budget with your partner or other members involved in the furnishing process. This will help you get a rough idea as to how much you may have to spend on decorating and furnishing. When you discuss with others, you may discover areas that need attention but have been missed by you.


Next start searching for places that sell items you are looking for. the key here is to first visit and find out which store has what and the general price range. Ask around, never hesitate to ask for a place that sells things at a lower cost. Browse online, check online forums, etc and find different places that can provide you with what you are looking for.


Never hesitate to ask for a discount. These stores generally have a big margin and make a show of marking down the price for a loyal customer. Just because you are buying only one piece of furniture and not everything from one place, does not mean you can’t expect a discount. Ask for the best price and negotiate as much as you feel is necessary or possible.

These three main steps will help you reduce the cost of furnishings without having to give up or compromise on your dream of furnishing that beautiful house of yours.