Top Five Money Saving Tips for New Homeowners

A new home is a new home is a heaven!

When you get out of the vicious cycle of paying rent for a house that you don’t usually want to spend anything on or because you have restrictions on doing it up your way and move out to your own home and a new one which has been on the cards for a little too long, you know you have reached a comfortable stage in life; but wait!

In a recent estimate, about forty million people have recently moved int their own homes and almost ninety-eight percent of such people have either bought a home loan or have mortgaged their own home in order to be able to make it theirs.

Which leaves us quite with the idea that the home is still a liability for most of them till the payment is not down and complete.

The interiors are no joke either!

If you have ever asked for quotes from design firms or independent interior decorators you will know how their fees and the cost of everything have skyrocketed through the roof. The prices are steep and I am surprised how middle class working people whose one big dream is to own a house can even afford to decently furnish their homes if it is like that.

Here are five things that a new homeowner can do in order to save money:

  1. Buy knock down- build-up furniture which will cost him relatively less than making custom furniture;
  2. Shop for the home only during the sale season. This will ensure that he gets the best rates on everything from decoration to grocery;
  3. Shop using coupons from CouponoBox. They are so worth the effort of clipping!
  4. Prioritizing expenses is important. Heating installations, current facility, and minimum decoration will take top places in the list and
  5. Money saved is indeed what is earned so take care to save water and electricity by running your equipment at off-peak The savings made by doing this is phenomenal; believe me!