Top Tips for Raising Happy and Healthy Vegan Children

Does bringing up Vegan children feel like you are swimming helplessly against the tide?


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or overreact when parents of Omni-children tell you that you are doing it differently not necessarily wrong. Give them some discounting. Not everyone is out to criticize or get at you. Some of them are genuinely interested in your child and are thinking aloud. It is best that you are firm at the same time that you are nice to them. It will go a long way in establishing your credentials.

You only have to be persistent!

You can, for instance, tell the parents that you have worked out the nutrition chart from an expert and that you are providing the children with all the vital nutrients that they will need for growth and activities.

It may not convince all of them but you need to keep trying.

Bringing up vegan children does not mean that they are eating dry foods all the time!

There are perhaps hundreds, why thousands of dishes that can be made one hundred percent vegan if you use your creativity and imagination. There are mommy groups on Facebook and WhatsApp that provide support and I remember hitting more than ten Youtube channels providing easy recipes for vegan parents and children!

I wanted to bring the point of being vegan very early in life and I had to distract them till they developed the palette for it. I would buy super interesting toys from StarWalkKids and let them play with them till they finished eating their food. The games were so interesting that they would hardly bother about the taste of the food. I almost felt like a big battle won.

Birthday and anniversary dilemma?

Don’t have!

Take heart in the fact that there are millions of you out there. Ask the host if your children could carry their own cupcake or if you could help her make cakes for the vegan kids. She’d not just be delighted with the help but appreciate that you volunteered, believes me!